i needed answer so i called xbox. and the guy told me that they havent change anything on the Limited Console edition. but what bothers me the guy told me that the map packs also comes with the Halo 4 limited edtion console (not even lying guys) so i was like. “huh are you sure dude…” and he kept tellin me “yea”. so far thats my note guys.

if you guys called and got an answer let me kno.
also mention about the map pack being included coz its hard to even believe this guy i talked to.

The LE comes with the War Games Map Pass, but the maps come out later.

I think he was talking about the LE console getting the map pass

oh i explained to the guy that the limited edition is the copy that has the map pack. and he was like “oh no the console gets it too when you buy it.”

dunno bro kept askin him and expaining to him but he kept tellin me the same -Yoink-
so i was like wtf!?

Well that could be good news for console buyers!

well guess ill just have to wait and see.


if only the guy from ign slowed down and showed us everything that’s included in the console, we wouldn’t be having this problem. i already preordered the map pass along with the console. but if there’s a map pass that’s included in the console, then i’ll cancel my map pass preorder and use it towards the collectors guide book.