Answer in Spanish = Banned?

If i answer in the forum in Spanish (from Spain) will be Banned?

Thank you in Advance

Si respondo en Castellano en el Foro me pueden banear?

Gracias por adelantado

Really? That is kind of strange…

It is one of the forums rules that only English is allowed to be posted when making threads and replying to topics. Generally you won’t be banned unless you repeatedly break the rule, most moderators will simply lock your topic and then request that you make a new thread in English, using a translator if required. Reasoning is that the moderators here aren’t equipped to handles posts in other languages. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks you stckrboy for the explanation :smiley:

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> Thanks you stckrboy for the explanation :smiley:

Its also for the ease of us normal members also. Not all of us speak numerous languages sadly.

The “adminds” dont know speak spanish? ñ_ñ

<mark>This post has been edited by a moderator. Because we are not currently equipped to provide moderation in other languages, we ask that all messages be posted in English. Feel free to use an online language translation service, and then create a new thread with the translated text.</mark>

que mugrero amigos

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> The “adminds” dont know speak spanish? ñ_ñ

Some of us do, some of us do not. It just makes moderation a lot easier. We get a litany of different languages. It would be unfair to allow just one additional and not all. So, we simplify and just keep it English.