anouncer option please!

the anouncer in halo 4 is so patronizing, anouncing everything you do and telling you what to do all the time as if you don’t know is very anoying a patronizing, we really don’t need the game telling is what to do and what we’re doing every 10 secounds.

can we have an option to switch it to the bare mininum as we had in previous halos? would be great.

I do like the multiplayer announcer but in halo 4 they made it where he says everything you do. I cant imagine the point where he says “step” “shot fired” “jump”.

I think he should give you constructive criticism when your getting destroyed. But in all seriousness, it’s a little much. If you get an extermination, he better scream at you or you might not notice it, because he’s already talked your ears off.

Yeah, sorry Jeff but you are annoying now.

I would like an option to turn some of the unnecessary noises off.

I wouldnt really say jeff is annoying but I would say 343 has overdone it and they need to take a step back and remove some of the voices.

wait, we’ve had the option before? I’ve never noticed…

But I agree, I want to be able to make him sound more calm as well. Like he sounded before. Sounds like he’s on a sugar rush.

I want him to say as much as he did in Halo 3, plus a tiny bit more. Than I would be happy.

I would LOVE the option to turn that and the music in game OFF or ON

Or at least turn them both down to almost nothing .

This is one of my only complaints with Halo 4, having played it, now. The fact that it is, is actually pretty good considering this is something very minor that I was able to tune out in one game, anyway. Personally, I agree that it should be an option - the more options we have to tweak our experience (especially if it doesn’t impact others), the better.

If there is no option, maybe 343i could remove it after a few months and people have become accustomed to the new game.

While it kind of made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing, I do admit it kept me alert.

How can you not love



Wow, that is the first thing i noticed. Is 343 trying to make us feel special for everything we do? I love the announcer but it is way over done to the point that i want an ON/OFF option. Now getting a triple kill or a running riot won’t be enjoyable becuase i will be fed up of hearing him.

Player A: Dude, get the flag and pistol your way through top mid, clean up my one shots with the pistol.

Player B: No dude, I am sick of hearing the flag music, the word HEADSHOT!, Left foot! right foot! and Jumptacular!

I never thought that I’d see the day where people wanted another announcer option.

> I never thought that I’d see the day where people wanted another announcer.

We don’t want another anouncer, we just don’t want to hear him or every little thing we do.

When you heard the announcer in halo 3, it usually meant you did something impressive and made what ever you did even better.

Now, it won’t be exciting to hear him becuase he talks for everything! Him annoucning a overkill won’t excite me as much cus i have been hearing him constantly every game.

> I wouldnt really say jeff is annoying but I would say 343 has overdone it and they need to take a step back and remove some of the voices.

that would be ideal, its so over done to the point that its very patronizing to the players which creates a negative and frustrating experience, of course over time we’ll probably learn to block out his voice but then we start to ignore the more important anouncements like “kill the flag carrier” and so on.

loopy altitude, i preffered splatter and i don’t need a person down my ear telling me what i can clearly see, at least not for every frickin splatter, it was fine in reach when it anounced it over the sprees because they’re few and fare between making for a more pleasing experience.

what made him so awesome for the anouncements was that it wasn’t all the time, constantly on at you, it was every now and then with an excited anergetic voice that just made you go “OMG YAY!!!” when you heard it, especially for the harder acheivments

Yes I would like a “for experienced players” setting so that many of the fluff talk is muted.
There is still time if it’s not there already :slight_smile: I do believe all that fluff is needed for the general masses, but I can do without. Especially since Jeff is more AI than man now… Not much chest to the H4 announcer, nor evil yet joyous observations of most medals.

The only thing I don’t like is how he sounds more rushed now. I was really disappointed when I heard him say “Capture the flag” so quickly.

More on topic, options are always good.

Used to be one of the coolest things in halo, now it seems liek the most annoying thing in halo 4.

I don’t understand, why is Jeff annoying all of a sudden? Months ago the fanbase was in a huge panic if he didn’t return, now most people don’t want him? He’s a loved Halo icon!