ANOTHER Week another skip The Ultimate

Yup another emblem that I swear iv seen before as the Weekly Reward… well I guess it’s gonna be a non grind week.

I’ll just look at my lvl 100 maxed Battlepass and see if they add more levels since they extended the season.

Live service without the service

I’m confused, so what’s the solution here?

Do you want them to give away armour? If that’s the case, imagine if they made the Mark VI helmet a weekly reward, and unless you played it you could never unlock it again.

The weekly reward system is an awfully implemented idea, it would be better if we could unlock a random item from the store instead rather than have items be locked forever.

I’d take on a different direction make the weekly like the Battlepass. It gets archived and if you missed it you can select it to get that specific reward.

That way just like the Battlepass, players can unlock it at their own pace and not feel pressured to play the game based on specific challenges because they don’t want to miss out on a specific reward.

I completely agree with that. It’d give the game a ton of content too.

The game has been out for 3 months? Probably more honestly. So that’s like 12 weeks worth of rewards a new player could work towards. Heck, after a few years it’ll be packed to the brim with content!

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