Another week, another challenge list full of Tactical Slayer and Fiesta Challenges

Please for the love of God fix your challenge system. I get nothing but fiesta and tactical slayer challenges, which are okay in small doses, but that is literally all i get. It also doesnt make things better when the challenges i get for them are cumulative score challenges which then require me to play almost 3-5 games each challenge. I love BTB but i dont ever get any challenges for that because y’all took them away for some reason.

If you’re going to give me game mode specific challenges in game modes in game modes i dont want to play, then give me all of the challenges i have for said game modes all at one time so i can complete them all together. I dont want to get a challenge that is “complete 5 tactical slayer matches” and then do it, only to be given a new challenge that says “earn a cumulative score of 5000 in tactical slayer”.

It’s so frustrating having to play game modes i dont want to play just to get the weekly

The whole challenge system is broken and needs to be scrapped. It should never have existed in the first place.


MCC weekly challenges have been the same since they first added the challenge system years ago so Im not surprised.