Another wall-glitch found on Haven!

Okay, so yesterday I reported on a wallglitch found within complex. Well, another one has appeared on Haven.

I’m sure someone has said something about this, but I am getting sick of playing Oddball games where the ball and it’s carrier are unreachable.

On the location of this glitch: I am unsure, If requested I could look around Haven and youtube, but Where the guy was hiding was in the wall on the bottom floor. I will explain where this guy was hiding. If you where to orient yourself so that the ramp that has no wall behind it was behind you (the ramp where it is kind of orange-ish and there is a floating forerunner structure) It is in the bottom right, farthest from said ramp.

Hope this helps make halo 4 a better place,


Location Video: ( around 1:56)

You could watch the replay and watch the person and know as to how he got in the wall, I did that with complex first time I encountered that one.

It’s funny because first time i found a wall glitch it was in campaign…

Interesting, lol. But It was a JIP game so I have only the last 3 minutes. They were already well within the wall at that point. I would if I could, trust me…

That makes sense then if it was JIP, 343 really needed to test every corner of their maps.

they might not have been IN the wall, i saw someone do this day one. theres a little edge by one of the underside bridges, if you jump off the bridge just right you can land on the edge and just sit there. pretty pathetic really, this is something id expect from other community’s…

No, I checked and where they where they were at had to be within the wall. Though I appreciate the suggestion.

I have found a video on youtube detailing this location, OP has been updated with this result.

P.S. Sorry for the double post.