Another Update, Another Dissapointment

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Once again, 343 has found the courage and ability to disappoint us. After months, they still haven’t given us a Falcon, which I guarantee was wanted way more than a new Phaeton variant. Can you please just listen to us, the fans? We know what we want and you don’t give it, and I’m not talking about just a Falcon, I mean the fact that we started this game with what, 5 gametypes? That’s not enough, I’m grateful we got more but still, a game shouldn’t be released with only that many. It shouldn’t be missing so many requested things that have been asked for since you started making Halo. I know you said you would try harder and put more work into Halo after Halo 4, but just because you spent all your time and resources into making Warzone, doesn’t give you the excuse to half–Yoink- the campaign, or neglect Arena gametypes, or throw together a spawn system that hardly works, or not make any of your own BTB maps. Please include some form of a UNSC air vehicle in an update soon.