Another question to 343i about the halos size

Hello again! My quest for knowledge continues! You guys are possibly in the impossibility[spelling?] of answering this question due to the forerunner saga but I’ll ask anyways. Better ask and not get an answer than not ask and having no possibility of an answer.

How big are the halo rings? The first array was 30000km in diameter. I checked the holograms on the level The Covenant and they were 1/30 from wall to wall. But now, is the current array [the ones like instalation 04/05] 30000km in diameter with 1000km from wall to wall or 10000 km in diameter from 333.33km from wall to wall. Have they been retconned?


Either their sizes were retconned or the twelve rings in the book are replaced by smaller versions. This is a possibility since only one of the original rings survived the attack on the capitol which would mean replacements would have to be made. Making them smaller would mean they could build them quicker.

The retcon wouldn’t be bad.