Another Problem to add to the list:(

I tried starting Halo 4 up on the Mcc and after the loading screen on the top left corner in red letters is say"Untracked build,won’t upload" I tried many time and restarting my X1. This issue started today, I was play awhlie ago on the 3rd mission on Legendary solo.

I still cant get a match without waiting a least minimum of ten minutes, also on three occasions when loading a saved game in campaign the screen is black and i have to start the level again to get it back to normal! What is going on???

Yeah i get the same problems with halo 4, 3rd mission “untracked build, cant upload”

Here too halo 4, 3rd and I think either 6th or 7th. Mission.

Same for me today. Couldn’t even start the forerunner mission. Any idea what it is ?