Another post on aiming

Well here it is, I guess I’m hoping for any help I can get. So in almost every game I play when checking the carnage report or whatever it’s called in this game, I have the worst accuracy which also leads to me having the worst K/D. Now you can argue that K/D doesn’t matter but if you’re always dying more often than you’re killing the game gets frustrating and ends up just being a pain to play. Another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of my enemies are get perfect kills meaning I’ve deduced that I just cannot stay on target. Since the game came out I have experimented with almost every sensitivity and I play on bump jump. If there is any advice you could give about staying on target I’d love to hear it, I really want to continue playing the game and enjoy it but when I’m dying twice as often as I’m killing it makes the game feel like a chore.