Another missing feature: weapon variants

Halo 5 warzone and it’s weapon variants birthed some of the coolest versions of the weapons we all come to know and love.

I missed the guns having different scopes. Different abilites.

Damn. I actually miss warzone even tho I never played it like that.

What was even cooler was when the glitch happened that made custom weapons in halo 5 forge. They even kept the glitch because of how cool it was.

The entire weapon catalog from Halo 5 needs to come back. I actually thought that we were ganna start off with that as a base and then add weapons.

Halo infinite is just super bare. Barely any classic weapons. Barely any new ones. Just bare.

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Weapon variants are in the game.

That said, most of them are pretty lazy and uninteresting. A BR with a lower effective range, but higher power and frame rate? An AR with slightly more zoom and less spread?

Some are neat, like the Plasma Pistol that works like a shotgun blast instead of a tracking projectile. But most of them are pretty lame.

It would be better overall to just make more weapons.


I’d be on board with variants in customs and forge. I like the finely tuned sandbox in regular mm though.

Yeah but where’s my BR with ADS and wheres my BR with the classic scope or sential scop. None of that exsists like that in this game

They were only used in warzone and feiasta. So what ur asking for was already a thing in halo 5

Exactly. Some of the variants kind of mimic old weapons (the variant Stalker Rifle is kinda close to the Covenant Carbine, for example). It would have been better to just give us the original weapons instead, imo.


I know we’ve had our disagreements, so I wanna be clear that this doesn’t stem from that.

But with so many truly awesome weapon variants in Halo 5, it doesn’t seem as impactful that you’d choose incredibly boring variants for the argument.

In all honesty, ADS (in the Halo 5 sense) isn’t coming back. So the minor gameplay effects and even more minor visual effects that these scopes represented aren’t either.

Here’s a hypothetical compromise. Rather than give the current weapon variants (present in Infinite) a slight repaint, 343 modifies the models in ways to better represent their new traits, but aren’t functional in the ways they were in 5:

Now has a reflex style sight instead of the scope

Now has a slightly longer barrel

I mean we can hypothetically expand upon this further and come up with better hypothetical changes, but do you catch my drift?

I never asked for the kind of zoom we have on the sidekick tho. It’s the same zoom that Halo 5 AR had and I hate it.

ADS is far more asthetically pleasing and actually useful when it came to the Halo 5 Magnum.

I’d we can’t get ads back then I want the same scope that was on the silinced pistol from Halo 5.

Also those weapon variants weren’t boring I used them for my forge maps all the time.

The concept of variants is okay, but I’d much rather just have all previous UNSC and Covenant weapons put into the game. If you think about it, some of those are variants.

Examples include: The Focus Rifle is a Beam Rifle variant, and the Concussion Rifle is a Brute Shot Variant (and so is the Ravager really), and the Commando is just a DMR variant, and the Pulse Carbine is just a Repeater variant which was a variant of the Plasma Rifle.
Lol we should just get all of those old weapons to play with in customs at the very least or certain playlists.

YES. I want all the classic stuff back first. Then variants


So we can’t compromise on hypotheticals?

Got it

Nobody else did either, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s not our call. Regardless it’s a design aesthetic that accomplishes mechanical function as ADS in a generalized capacity in this title (allows for precision aiming and varied range enhancements).

I agree in the “aesthetically” pleasing aspect, but I don’t see how a largely aesthetic design choice is somehow useful without an explanation.

Well you’re not gonna get either, so let’s move on to hypothetical compromises instead.

Glad you had fun with them, your forge variants aren’t proof of a that they aren’t boring examples especially compared to a plasma pistol that shoots black holes.

You want them to build every single weapon from previous games to put into infinite? Ok… I’m going to move on to threads with more pressing topics.

Bro. The carbine isn’t even in the game. This is a pressing issue

But it’s just boring. It’s a waste of development time that could be used to implement brand new weapons, or bring back returning classics.

The only thing variants added to the game that was remotely substantial was the ability to spawn alien weapons at FOBs, since you can’t spawn the default ones.

Well that, and the variant sidekick is OP as heck. Like it shreds chieftains and zealots so hard. I didn’t start using it till I beat the game, as I mostly stuck to Pulse Carbines and Stalkers, but life would have been way easier in most encounters if I’d grabbed it whenever possible.

I prefer a much tighter weapon sandbox. Halo 5 had far too many variants, attachments etc, it was too confusing.

I vote to keep it as it is.

I was using your examples as examples in my compromise in discussion with AlternatVolt, not necessarily in response to your reply.

I agree new weapon implementation would be great, but visual flair is not a bad thing for discerning variants.

Just as an incredibly rudimental example: standard wraith in Halo 3 is visually separated from the AA wraith in Halo 3.

Visual flair and perceived function helps inspire a sense of immersion.

Holy crap did someone here just be… respectful???


I would like them to start with adding all the Campaign weapon variants to Custom games first, then move forward from there. I think it would be pretty cool to run around some dark maps with everybody wielding Elite Bloodblades; once Forge gets implemented, we can get some Grifball going with Elite Bloodblade energy swords & Diminisher of Hope grav hammers.

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Only in this case lol

This is definitely one of those “maybe later” things, but I think having weapons from previous games wouldn’t be bad, at least for custom games, Firefight, etc.

That’s unfortunate.
I missed the one Halo game that had iron sights…
I’ve been wanting those since Halo 3.

I sort of wish that the game had a mode that worked more like Call of Duty with weapon loadouts and customization.
The arcade-like gameplay that Halo has is fun, and I think it should always be the main focus, but that’s just something I’d like to see.