Another Missed Opportunity

It’s no secret that 343 never takes easy wins, but it’s almost unbelievable they didn’t take advantage of the Halo tv series release and run an event that ties in with the series. Why not let us unlock the amour we see in the TV show in a limited time event? Instead, we are stuck with another week of Fiesta. I haven’t played in 3 weeks, and there is nothing bringing me back this week.


They have some weird aversion to letting us look like chief in multiplayer.

Which is weird, as that was the base for multiplayer for halo’s early days. The lore even used to be that all spartans had the same armor. But over time, this splintered out and was forgotten and now we can’t even look like chief.


Yeah they think people want to be some rando spartan and not the hero of the galaxy. They idea sort of got started in Reach with Noble 6, but Six was an actual character (created for the purposes of that game, but a character nonetheless). And the changing armor could be seen within the game as well as gender. It was a full experience.

Fast-forward to H4… Now we are some random Spartan-4 recruit doing VR training. Spartan OP has us playing as the faceless “Fireteam Crimson” while we have to watch Fireteam Majestic aka Goon Squad clown around in the cutscenes.

Halo 3 and Reach nailed it though. You could look like Chief (Reach took some time because of XP and levelling up) or you could look like your own unique spartan.



Because they are underpowered.

The funny thing is Chief’s armor is chief’s armor…because its the bog standard default armor. He doesn’t have a specialization and thus he uses the core setup. But 343 seem to think of it as his ‘super hero costume’ and thus we get GenII and GenIII “MK-6” where the whole meaning of MK-6 is lost as its just what they keep calling his armor.

I also find it odd his armor is already MK-6 in the TV show, while they’re likely going to give him newer armor in the future (if they show survives). Like chief can’t be allowed to have his armor called something else.

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