Another little issue

There is a little issue I have been seeing in the section which tells you how many kills you have with each weapon. I could swear that I have a kill with the Wraith Anti Infantry turret, but it isn’t showing up. The same is happening to my friend but with the Scorpion Anti Infantry Turret. I think that these kills may be registering as Wraith or Scorpion kills respectively.

Also: Hats off to you 343! I am very impressed! You added the Plasma Turret into this list (I noted that it was missing). Thanks for adding this back in.

I also noticed that Jorge’s Chaingun and the Golf Club were added as well. They are currently under “other”. I believe that the Chaingun should go in the category with the turrets. I don’t really know where the Golf Club should go. They are also both missing images as well.

These are some pretty easy and quick fixes.

Keep up the good work!