Another, legitimate complaint about the progression system... 343, please listen!

First off, thank you 343 for making the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite free to play, still feels and runs like Halo and the new gameplay elements, like equipment spawns and the ability to ‘mark’ opposing players, change up the formula just enough to make Infinite it’s ‘own’ game and a more than welcome addition to the legacy that is Halo MP. Loving the gameplay so far and, sad that I have to say this… appreciate the amazing amount of work you’ve put in and the respect you show to the player by releasing a technically sound and bug-free title in an era of half-finished Cyberpunks and Battlefields.
But… as plenty of others have pointed out, the progression system is bad.
Really bad and needs reworked.
Playing oddball last night, my team lost both rounds pretty handily.
I’m guessing that’s because me and another player weren’t playing oddball as were the other two members of our team, the two of us were busy playing ‘find the Mangler and get 3 kills with it’ and ‘find the Commando and get 5 kills with it’ … who cares about the objective or winning the match, we’ve got to rank up our battlepass (which I purchased by the way) in order to unlock customization pieces and parts.

By tying battlepass progression to specific in game actions rather than universal xp points for simply playing, completing and ‘winning’ matches, you’re driving players away from working as a team to accomplish an objective… and isn’t that kind of the point of Halo?
Red vs Blue, not me vs the progression system?


strange that my post, which is glowingly positive at first and constructively critical second, would be ‘hidden’ for a few hours by 343 forum moderators.
not cool guys.
let people speak their mind as that’s the primary indication of what your next moves need to be. :slight_smile: