Another Idea I've Thought Of

Hello, W1ltz here again with another idea and this time it’s for glitches. In Halo: Reach, on The Package, if you did an easter egg (Four Banshees) you would erase any barriers possible leading to a very fun, explorable time. I was really saddened when I thought that if Bungie could do that with the Package (and New Alexandria kind of), why didn’t they do it with the other maps?

Now, my idea is that on the campaign choice where you can choose Rally Point Alpha-Charlie, why not have another choice for exploration? Essentially this is the same as the normal campaign but all the barriers are deleted and Banshees spawn at the start as well, this would mean that people can have a look outside of maps for a fun time just wandering around the lengths of the maps.

I would like this added because firstly it would be a new experience, secondly it would be a great way for you 343 to add Easter Eggs way outside of maps and lastly, I want to see the ingenious ways of how 343 make the experience truly real by looking and walking around the scenery.

I know I didn’t touch on Multiplayer maps but I think that should have it’s own thing when forging, I think all barriers should be deleted when on Forge so forgers really get the whole place to forge instead of a limited playable place.

Also, I know there is pan cam and you can do the same thing, but firstly I find it much more fun walking or flying around with my Spartan, and lastly pan cam is really long and frustrating to do for something that will only last a game to look around.

So, what do you think?

If such a choice occurs, I hope there’s a VISR esque vision mode that lets you see the boundary locations, kill barriers, etc. Then I’d know where I can kick -Yoink- from and where I should avoid.

I do like the VISR in ODST.

I think it would be a nice feature if 343 made the campaign missions forgable. This would work like Forge world but better. It would also tie the campaign to multiplayer without the need to ‘rip’ maps.

All the campaign maps would have similar forge pieces but with their own ‘skin’. This would remove the blandness from Reach’s forge maps.