Another Halo v Mass Effect..Lvthians v Prcrs

I’m having a thought…for those who are familiar with both Halo and Mass effect universes

I have no doubt that in Mass Effect 3, the Levethians would’ve dominated the Forerunners and other species. But in considering that, I was thinking of the Graveminds, and how the Primordial controlled the Flood, and I remembered many ancient human scientists committed suicide after talking to the Primordial and how Forthencho, the Lord of Admirals, mentioned that Primordial had caused the fall of the ancient human civilization.

Now, knowing how the Primordial had Medicant Bias under his control after several years of discourse and conversation, it makes me wonder… who would’ve won? The Levethians in their prime, or the Precursors in their prime? As Precursors were extremely advanced, but then you gotta consider Levethians, as they controlled entire civilizations and once possessed extremely advanced technologies but we don’t know what Levethians had at the time before the Catalyst turned on them.

So… which species would win this round? I’m pretty sure Forerunners, UNSC, and the Covenant, even at their best, are nothing but a joke to these guys.

I can’t take anything I saw in Leviathan seriously. First a living Prothean and now a living…jellyfish…thing.

Biowares writers must’ve just gave up. But yes, I see the similarities OP.