Another Halo strategy... for PC!

Halo Wars was good (even go so far to say awesome) i’m a fan of strategy games, but i think halo Wars (or a sequel, or somewhere else in the universe) would be awesome if it were released for PC! More missions, emotionally character driven stories attention to the custom game (vs players or AIs) as well as the potential esport community it could create!

give us quality both in game and in the story and ingame CG videos!

for an example of quality (take alook at the quality of Starcraft2 and its ingame cinematic videos, you sometimes forget your playing a game and not watching a movie, but the attention to detail during the missions is top notch)

A couple of flaws:
-70% of Waypoint are all filthy casual (nobody got the reference) console players
-It’d have to compete with games that are simply better
—Novus AEterno is epic and in the process of becoming better.
—There’s a new TC Endwar in-browser game that I am a beta tested forand it’s pretty good.
—And that’s just off the top of my head,to name only a few I’m allowed to talk about.
-The market isn’t good (that means a lot to a company run by the Microsoft Empire; I don’t care what some exec. supposedly tweeted about).

In case you couldn’t tell, I have a bit of experience with watching games grow and I’ve helped (and still help) quite a few get off the ground in one way or another.

Halo Wars is good and would be awesome, I’d love to see it as much as you, but it’s not likely. Don’t get your hopes up.

I’m sorry if I sound like a dark and negative pessimist, but it’s just some honest realism. I’m getting tired of these threads where all people do is fantasize about HW2 instead of using their time to do something productive.

If anybody wants to get serious about HW2 (and actually get something worthwhile done), I’m listening.