Another great night on a great game :)

Once more a great night to be a Halo fan. Love the new weapons, the new AA’s and the new majestic maps! Keep up the good work 343i. Now if only I could get my Lightrifle to Master tomorrow that would be epic.

Is this a facebook status?

Not a very constructive or useful thread.

Agreed. Have this much fun all the time. I just need a consistent group of people to play Customs with.

There are some really good things about Halo 4, and he did say that he is happy with the way things are as is (in other words, don’t change anything at this time)…

that is good feedback for 343i…

So is Play Pretend an undercover 343i employing kissing up to Halo 4?

I myself had a great night watching “The Big Boss” AKA “Fist of Fury” with leads me with the false sense that I can in fact fight just like Bruce Lee!

I also had a great night last night. Blanced weapons, awesome vehicles, well designed and interesting maps, challenging sniper duels.

I was playing Battlefield 3.