Another day, another broken part of Halo 5

So I just played two games of warzone today, June 18, and in both the those games no one could use the req stations and spawn anything. It wasn’t the retrieving data problem either. Your reqs would be displayed but nobody in the matches could use there reqs. So those two matches boiled down to everyone using assault rifles, magnums and anything the AI dropped. 343 please address this issue

This happens occasionally, and has been happening for a while. I don’t know if there’s a permanent fix for it.

This is what happens when you store data on a server, I believe this problem could be fixed if reqs were stored locally, but I’m no programmer so I may have no idea what I’m talking about lol

I’ve read multiple threads about this yesterday so it’s probably a server issue.

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> I’ve read multiple threads about this yesterday so it’s probably a server issue.

again and again.

I swear, they fix something, then something else breaks, what is this, the Ubisoft server room, just give me the Monkey wrench, I’ll fix it

Yet another issue that stems as a result of Halo 5’s dependence on online servers. This game would work so much better if we didn’t have to be connected to the cloud to access 99% of its content.

“…taking advantage of the cloud…”


I had this happen to me a few times but never consecutively like that. In fact, one time I couldn’t even use my perma reqs at all. I would unlock higher level REQs but won’t be able to even equip a BR.

Not only that, but in Arena everybody was wearing the Recruit armor you start the game with. Visors and weapon skins were normal however… It’s not really gamebreaking, but weird none the less. And also because you can buy reqs and customization with actual money. If these things don’t work that’s pretty unforgiving.

I’m wondering what 343i is going to do about this. Maybe give every player a whole bunch of gold packs for compensation?

Has 343 made a statement about this already?

Going to re-direct to the active thread in support: