Another community forge thing

I remember when Halo: Reach at the beginning had like a forge thing where the community made maps, and if they were chosen they were going to be playable in MM. Obviously Halo: Reach is coming to a lot of changes now that 343 is in control. They made a beta, new maps, its going really well.

One things is, (I got this idea from another post) is that year we are getting new maps from 343, but another things will be cool is if 343 ask us (The community) to build some new Forge maps. But this time it will be great if they ask us to build Invasion, Invasion Slayer, Living Dead, And other playlist maps. One thing that we do not have enough of is the invasion maps, and I know everyone can agree with me. I have played some games of invasion in custom games and they are fun.

What do you think of this?

In a way, they’ve already asked.

343 – and, before them, Bungie – designated a group of community members to act as “Community Cartographers”. A Cartographer’s job is to go looking for good maps in various communities. When they find one, they show it to the other Cartographers (and occasionally help the authors fix some problems), and if all the Carts agree that it’s a good map, it’s passed on to 343i. Currently, they’re looking for Living Dead maps on non-Forge-World canvases.