another cheater found!!

tell me how someone has every weapon mastered (including the plasma pistol) and is a rank 115, only has 5514 kills, and has only been playing multiplayer matchmaking for only 3 days??? This is ridiculous!! hello 343! are you there?? I thought these people were banned for cheating. guess not

anybody out there know how this guy has all this completed? and don’t say he works for 343 because that’s a BS answer!

There are mods that people can use to unlock anything they want. Just file a complaint, and let Microsoft do the rest. :slight_smile:

oh yea I forgot to mention on top of having all weapon commendations completed, this person also has every other commendation completed (enemies, vehicles, player, and game types)

> oh yea I forgot to mention on top of having all weapon commendations completed, this person also has every other commendation completed (enemies, vehicles, player, and game types)

:open_mouth: HOW HE SO GOOD AT GAME?!

…just file a complaint, it’s nothing new

It’s just a digital Barbie. Stop complaining !!!

The real question is whether or not he has completed killing the Grunt overlord yet, which is currently impossible since hes in a hidden area of a mission surrounded by over 9000 grunts with fuel rods and his rank is 1337.The award for killing him is unknown since no one has done it yet, not even cheaters.The Grunt Overlord is that OP.

Another valid point why ranks should be visable in game cheaters and are gonna cheat if they want to anyways.

yes they have completed this as well. everything is completed

Who cares?
Why do u care OP?
Doesn’t make him any better at the game.
Doesn’t effect how u choose to have fun.
So why do u care?

If anything now he has nothing to work towards (if that even matters to him)

Just play the game and don’t worry about what others have or how they did so…smh.

Just another day in loser land and the land of being a modder, they will soon have their account permanently banned.

I will complain all I want! isn’t this site exactly what this is for? im pretty sure everytime I get on here, all I see is complaing? is this what you do? you go around telling everyone to stop complaining?

When someone tells you to stop complaining, i just say “I complain because i am human”.Simple and yet they cant argue against it since if they do it will just make them look silly, so i say… WIN!

> It’s just a digital Barbie. Stop complaining !!!

I lol’d

cheaters have no lives.

Don’t waste your time reporting them here or filing complaints, Microsoft/343i aren’t listening.

Cheaters have been around for forever and just like the Halo 2 days people will always find ways to cheat and Microsoft will do little to nothing to stop it because the chances of matching a cheater that has an impact on the actual game (aimbot ect) is quite low.

Considering how garbage Halo 4’s networking is you can’t taker a lot of what happens in-game on face value unless it is really obvious cheating like unlimited ammo.

It is human nature o complain, but why be normal & follow the example everyone else does on here…Truly someone unordinary would do something extraordinary to prove that they have a point…

Really, I don’t give 2 cents about what anyone has to say, I’m just curious to know why you follow the same example as everyone else on here instead of taking your own path. Yes, you may think this is your path when all your doing is calling out another modder, may be different person, but essentially the same as all the rest.

So, I would like to know why follow the paths of others when no matter what, someone else would of done this if you hadn’t, for the same reason, & I’d post this same question?

Why? I’m one of those who don’t care whether heaven/hell exists, whether I wake-up or not, why know where I head when I die when surprises are always better, I prefer to not know unless I want to know about someone…It all depends whether I want to know.

So, again, Why care? Why not care? Just a simple why is all you need to say…

“Why should I want to know something if its not important”

halo 4 is now possible to hack online. i thought they will get banned like intensity when you report him for hacking online. i know bungie banned hackers for life but i never seen 343 industries banned anyone for hacking halo 4 but how are they suppose to know who is cheating online, you can’t mention their gamertags in the forums because that’s agents the forum rules. same thing goes to bungie’s rules.