Another ban thread.

I was banned for prerelease play along with a lot of people posting here.
I have already called Xbox support and they said to post on the Xbox forums but they said to post here instead.
I am playing a legitimate copy but I do not have a photo available as I lack a camera. I know, it’s a lame excuse but it’s true. I don’t even have one on my cell phone. I live in the Dark Ages, apparently.
I can provide the UPC code on the case? The man from Xbox support asked for the location where I got the game and I can provide that as well. It’s my workplace, Blockbuster. I am assistant manager so they let me play the games we have in stock.
I apologize if this is an unorthodox post, but I am in a rush to finish typing because I work in twenty minutes.
Thanks in advance.
EDIT: My Xbox support case number is 118155036, if that helps anyone.

You should be getting unbanned soon, alot of people have been.

same with me dude, give it time the ban will be lifted mate.

Lucky that I haven’t got my game too early then. (hopefully I should get it tomorrow. :D)

alot of people are not going to be unbanned because they have a white list of all the gamertags that are allowed to play online early and for everyone else good luck you may get unbanned you may not . if not om sorry my friend but you just f’ed yourself in the a for trying to play the game early. cuss no one is suppose to release it to the public until release day

Halowaypoint have already stated on their Twitter account that “Some folks playing Halo 4 today were banned in-game on accident. Technical glitch. We’re working on the fix and so sorry for the error.”

Don’t worry, if you have a legit copy it will be sorted.

PS: It’s not 343’s fault, but they have escalated it for fixing.

EDIT: Furthermore, I believe they may ask for a receipt number or something so that they can track down the retailer. Retailers are not legally entitled to sell Halo 4 to the public prior to the Nov 6 midnight release.