ANother 6 month season is unacceptable

1 new Arena and BTB map nearly a year after launch is way too slow. At this point it would have been less harmful to the game to delay for another year than it is to let the game limp along like this. the 6 month break should have been something that they got ONE chance to do due to the public development issues. I have been defending this game for so long but expecting players to tolerate drip-fed content over the span of a year is unacceptable.
People are putting money into the game expecting to be able to play the game for a long period of time, but how is the game expected to survive when the content drops are so sparse? I understand that 343 is prioritizing their employees health, but for all of Joseph Statens comments of “the engine revving” on development of new content how are we supposed to trust this as consumers at all? Why on earth are we still missing modes that have been series staples and we are expected to wait a YEAR after launch hopefully to get anywhere near back to game mode parity of previous games?
I have been a halo fan my entire life, I have waited for years for infinite to come out and all that has been delivered has been disappointment after disappointment.


They REALLY should’ve released the roadmap sooner. Way before the season 2 info dump.

Half of it is full of stuff we already know about.


Yep, predicted folks would be livid about the new season being half a year.

Gonna be honest, I don’t mind. My understanding is that other Live Service games put their devs through the wringer. Fortnite, for example, there were reports about how working there, you make amazingly good money but you get crunched to oblivion. People intentionally working a short stint in nightmare crunch there and having a nest egg to sit back on as you go work elsewhere was what was reported on.

Then there’s WarZone and the CoD franchise overall. The only reason why CoD and WarZone worked as long as it did (CoD mainline is taking a break this year) is because nearly every studio at Activison has been confined to the CoD sweatshop. But WarZone is still humming along and you can bet with the rate at which content is being pumped out, the devs are feeling the crunch. They had the Snoop Dogg pack just the other day and now they’re working on a Godzilla pack. That kind if pivot-on-a-dime-to-make-more-more-more-more-content mentality ain’t sustainable.

I think that live service games where the devs are chewed up and spit out in order to give a constant flow of content have spoiled us rotten, and we need to slow our roll for the sake of the devs making our games as well as our own sakes.


No one from the community told them to go this route. This was a disaster of their own making.


Season 2 is expected to last only for three months.

Where are you getting the idea that we are gettinga 6-month long season?

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Road map says starts November 8th.

Or maybe we should just abandon the live service model and go back to making good, complete games?

Live service has no point if its not churning out content.

That and given 343’s glass door reviews, and their heavy use of 18 month contractors to avoid paying benefits, 343’s not exactly being human either.


The graphic they released says it goes from May 3 to November 7


If the ‘community’ had its way then we’d be getting 5 new maps a month plus new cosmetics every week while the devs sleep under their desks and pound back 8 red bulls a day.

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Another six month season is completely unacceptable.


Not true. The community asks for a good game. This roadmap genuinely is a bad look.


I remember when Halo came out and all I looked forward to was just running home to play. Now these young bucks want a smoothie maker attached to their free multiplayer game and some. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Where is this roadmap? Because I am googling for it and not finding it anywhere in relevant searches.



Wow, I didn’t know work was supposed to be a cushy experience where I don’t need hard deadlines and every iteration of my work is less complete than the last.


The game is good. People just want the devs to crunch to give them the dopamine hit of new maps every month or else they’ll declare the game “dead”.


Again, I don’t recall any threads or campaigns to get 343 to launch a live service game. People have an expectation from previously released titles. 343 isn’t even coming close to meeting those expectations. Not even by a fraction.


And if they did go back to the classic map pack and DLC model y’all would still whinge about the maps that y’all never play being too pricey.


Stick a fork in it.

May to November for “employee health and well-being,” is being used as an excuse. The game was released half-finished and broken and they’re using the “health and well-being” excuse in an attempt to get understanding from the community. We are out of understanding.

Two maps for a year is inexcusable. The state of the game is inexcusable. It should have been delayed until November of this year or longer.

Deliver finished games from now on. You didn’t learn from MCC. You’re now on my “Destiny” list. I won’t be fooled into spending more money on your products.


Well, that’s not what’s going on currently. There are some edges of the internet that house the people you speak of. Regardless, this is a miss for 343.

I will say that Joe staten mentioned that this is an evolving roadmap so its expected to show more promising info down the line.


Then do us a favor and stop posting here.