Annual/endure/200k achievements

I’m going to be on in a few hours and if anyone else is looking to do those, do message me. The chances that we’ll find enough players for endure/annual are slim, though.

Unfortunately I have lost my mic, so communication will no doubt be difficult.

Once again, I’ll be on in an hour and if anyone is looking for these, I am too. I’m not a pro firefight player, so be warned.

Hey i have messaged you twice on your xbox if you still needed help and never had a reply!

Sorry, I thought I had replied.

Gonna message you again now!

I’m on again and still looking.

Never got the reply! Are you busy this weekend?

i already have these but i would be more than happy to help

GT: madhorvath

will be on tonight(as early as 7pm CT) with one friend possibly 2 looking to get deja vu or annual also possibly the 200 k’s. any one else interested or able to help let me know.

Finding enough people to do the achievement with is a nightmare in itself. Thanks Blood of Ganon and eopnker for trying to help.

Yeah i found out what the issue was. I was host and the down poor is cutting my connection down severely! I should have it fixed tomorrow to help you!

Can I join?

GT: Solomon Jon