Annual Achievement

Looking for two more teammates with headsets for the “Annual” achievement (complete Halo in H3, 4 player Legendary w/ Iron Skull, everyone in Ghosts). Targeting this Thursday, April 2nd at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. GT: Buzznacker.

I guess I’m down

If I can get my hands on a 48h Gold card, then I’m in too. Also looking for players to do the Vidmaster Challenge in ODST (the one in Firefight). :confused:

I’m in, I’ve done it 3 times but that was 6 years ago…

Add me please, CH4RK!

Well it took a good bit of time (damn Iron Skull) but we did it. There is still a lot of interest so I encourage those who were not able to join last night to reach out to each other and get it done. Thanks again for everyone’s help.