AnnoyinG Waypoint Glitch

Hello. I’m experiencing an annoying glitch in which I changed my gamertag, but it still registers my old one. My new gamertag is Im Kuya, but it says my stats and everything are zero, recruit, etc., and an error pops up when I attempt custom challenges. Yet I can search for my old gamertag and all my stats are on there and have not carried over. It’s weird as it seems Halo Waypoint created a new profile just for this gamertag, but I can sign in with the information from my old gamertag. I am not posting my old gamertag as it is racist. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Please disregard this thread as I have accidentally double posted. I ask moderators to close this specific thread only, not the Profile Glitch thread. Thank you.

Locked at OP’s request.