Annoying 'see-through' visor glitch

Am I the only one suffering from this annoying glitch?

You know the one where you can see straight through your head because your visor apparently isn’t the right size for your helmet. It’s bothering the hell out of me because the only two helmets I’ve taken a liking to (FOTUS and Pioneer) both suffer from it.

Sure it may not be that noticeable and is hardly on the top of the priority list but when you’re really into customization and don’t like most of you are, it’s a real drag when you zoom in while using theater only to see right though your melon and see the sky or whatever is behind you. Totally ruins those cool artistic screenshots that you would have taken…

Anyone else hoping this is fixed? Are there any other helmets that you’ve noticed this glitch with? Is there an official place to post about bugs or do we just complain here and hope someone is lurking? It’s more noticeable when you’re on the post-game XP screen when your Spartan is a black silhouette if you want to look to see if you are a victim too.

You’re not the only one. It needs to be fixed. Also Pioneer doesnt fit the female base, all other armor types are fitted to both sizes but Pioneer doesn’t, it just uses the male version on females and it looks bad. Needs to be fixed.

Didn’t realize that but now that you mention it the little parts that go around the ribcage are huge, totally fitted for a male.

too bad you couldnt link a screenshot or upload to your file share but thats broken at the moment too >.<

Also Dewxp is broken for me (sign in button wont work across all 3 major browsers), but thats not really 343i.

Yeah, I’ve taken several screenshots but without the ability to view them online it’s pretty pointless. D:

I’ve noticed it, looks really annoying on my FOTUS, doesn’t matter a whole load, but it’s annoying and looks unprofessional.

So far I’ve yet to notice it on anything but FOTUS and Pioneer. Going to try later and test every helmet I have.

Yea, needs to be fixed

Definitely, though in Reach there were numerous armor glitches that were never addressed. I could never use the attachment for GUNGNIR because the camera wasn’t even attached to your head. It just dangles there.