annoying players

dose anyone else get nasty messages off players because your a high rank it dose my head in they say oooooo you have no life or say you must of cheated.

Believe it or not, I still get the occasional “you’re a yoinking cheater” message. Not that often, but still. Interestingly, they’re mostly from people who start spraying the AR at me at long range and keep running at me in a straight line despite me wielding a magnum or DMR.

I usually interpret such messages as proof of the sender’s incompetence. >:)

Not for rank because I’m not that high, but if I have a good game and go a lot positive I sometimes get OMG you’re a haxor and the odd message, I just report if appropriate and move on, I never get involved because believe me, they will report you for the smallest altercation.

My brother really isn’t very good at this game, but the other day we beat up what you would call ‘bad kids’. One of them was really trash talking through the whole match, before and after, it was REALLY annoying with how loud and obnoxious he was.

So we’re half way through our next match without them, and the guy sends my brother a text. He apologized for the bad smack talk. It was hilarious!

I get it from both sides of the spectrum.

If I have a good game it’s “Wow, go outside.”

If I have a bad one it’s “You’re -Yoink- why are you even playing Halo?”

Their almost never that grammatically correct, however.