Annoying bug: can't switch weapons in warzone!

I’ve been glitched and hand tied in Warzone at Req level 4/5 too many times now in which I’ve hit level 5 and above but the freaking game won’t let me switch to any other weapons.
Seriously yoink this to yoinking yoink.
I can’t be the only one getting yoinked over here? Am I?
It happens when using BR & SMG for me?
Is it LAG?

Anyone? Come on!

It must be me alone? am I right?

You sir are not alone. I’m often stuck in the same situation.
This needs to be addressed. It has caused me to stop playing almost every night this past week. Some games are fine and some I’m stuck with AR and Pistol all game

Only happens when i have high packet loss.

> 2533274964458234;5:
> Only happens when i have high packet loss.

Whenever I test my connection, it says I have no packet loss. What triggers packet loss while playing?