Announcing The Helljumper Chronicles

Announcing the newest short story compilation for the communtiy and 343i employees to read. This has been in production for almost a year. After hours and days of freewriting and script writing im ready to start the first story. Please stay tuned for this emotional story in which any halo fan would not want to miss. Please help support this! I really would love if I heard that Franky or any 343 employee read my stories. There is still room for minor characters. If you want to learn about more of this amazing story please PM me. Later I will post a small Bio about all the main characters.

There should be a character in it called Battle-Scarred Angel :slight_smile:

we do have a character in it named angel he is a medic. Ill release more info on it in a bit but this is actually based off a communtiy group and its being brought to the community by Ninth Games! We are currently working on a promo commericial.

TWD26, Founder of Ninth Games

anyone want a minor character just pm me for details you can bean employee of 343 or u can be a halo fan! Trust me this is a one in the lifetime offer!

Bs Angel is a girl :slight_smile:

yeah I know that lol I was saying there is a character named angel lol already in it.