Announcer Pack

I know this is small (even petty in some regards) but one thing I loved about Halo 5 personally was the announcer pack they gave us to have different voices during online matches (031 Exuberant Witness’s voice being my personal favorite). Originally, I was reluctant to spend $10 on just more voices but as soon as I heard it gave me the option to not hear Sarah Palmer’s voice in warzone, I bought it and enjoyed how much more exciting it made my matches feel. Wouldn’t mind they bring it back in Halo Infinite, just hope Sarah’s voice isn’t an option, although I think 343 is aware of her low popularity since they reduced her to a background character in Halo 5.

So in other words it could be said that 343i & Microsoft would benefit more from making a S***** aspect in a game & then later ask you to spend 10$ more to have an better option.

But it’s not exactly like that in H5g, I hope, and it was good to add more options to replace the less liked default option.

But if you are asking that instead that they would add maybe some options for announcer voices in the initial release as part of the game itself as a feature that was found to be a good partial selling point for a game then that could be something worth the development time in my opinion.

The “voice of god” option would be awesome, a bit of that multiplayer feel, just with longer lines.