Announcer ideas

Imagine more classic announcers for h5’s future paid dlc?
Classic announcer pack:
Sgt Johnson(legendary mythic)
Lord Hood(legendary mythic)
Rtas Vadum-half jaw(legendary mythic)

Greatest threats announcer pack:
Gravemind(legendary mythic)
Prophet of Regret(ultra rare mythic)
343 Guilty spark or Tartarus (cant decide)

Noble announcer pack:
Kat(ultra rare mythic)
George(ultra rare mythic)
Jun(ultra rare mythic)
Carter(legendary mythic)
Emile(legendary mythic)

So what do you think of those ideas and please tell me what would be better for in the pack.

To Classic Announcers:

I like Rtas, don’t get me wrong, but I think Arby would be a better choice. Johnson and Hood are good choices as well.

Why limit to just three per pack though?

Greatest Threats:

I would also say that Tartarus or maybe even Atriox would be better choice than Spark. I mean, he was a floating light bulb that died in three shots. Atriox wouldn’t die even with the entire Covenant hunting him down. I would also say Didact, Truth, Atriox/Tartarus, and Gravemind. Sure, Didact died in a quick time event, but he actually killed people. Spark didn’t [aside from Johnson, may he RIP]

To the Noble Announcer Pack:

Yes. Just… Yes.


Hero Pack:

Chief [Mythic Legendary]

Forge [UR]

Cutter [UR]

Arby [Mythic Legendary; in the case that Rtas is in the theoretical Classic pack]

All great choices, the more the merrier. I’d also like to see some of the voices from Red vs Blue. That would be pretty neat.

I miss David Skully’s voice.

“Get tactical marines!”

I ran a couple polls on the topic; I’d personally like the Gravemind and Virgil/The superintendent the most.

Cortana, Sergeant Johnson , the Arbiter, and the Prophets from h2 campaign had epic voices

Shrek, donkey, dora, the crack kid and harambe
that is all

master cheif and cortana would be the best.

Sadly, knowing 343i, any announcer packs would have to feature a character that can and will monitor an Arena match or a Warzone simulation. Voice-overs would have to be lore-consistent. In such a case, this is what we’d probably get:

  • Some random marine. Nothing special about him, aside from his life-long desire to back up a Spartan team. - Some random sangheili (perhaps even Arbiter himself, if 343i starts feeling a bit more generous). - Roland, probably. He could watch an occasional WZ match, right? - RvB characters. I’ve never truly enjoyed the show (it’s just a bit too anime for me), but they had occasional roles in Spartan Ops in Halo 4, so why not? - Maybe some random Kig-Yar? Perhaps a captive? Perhaps not. - The rest of Fireteam Osiris and some of Blue Team, given Buck’s participation in this program.That’s about the best we’d get with this “lore-friendly multiplayer” garbage, assuming we ever get any more voice-overs.

I’d die just to hear Johnson and Rta’s voices one more time in Halo 5 :0

Forerunner legacy:
343 guilty spark

I’d want the Master Builder but he hasn’t been seen in any halo game.

I don’t know :confused:
Maybe a sarcastic announcer

warden eternal.

Sherman Klump, foghorn leghorn and Mrs doubt fire. Other than that the usual announcer from halo is great. “Combat evolved!”

Great ideas but we only need one announcer… CHIEF!!

Instead of Noble, call it Reach and add Auntie Dot

I like your ideas, very good, wish I came up with them myself. But I got my own idea:

Last Hope/Next Generation (can’t decide) Announcer Pack:
Captain Lasky (Ultra Rare Mythic)
Spartan Jameson Locke (Legendary Mythic)
Roland (Ultra Rare Mythic)

You can’t have ultra rare mythic or legendary mythic. You have mythic->legendary->ultra rare