Announced too early?

> Does anyone else think that Halo 4 was announced far too early? 343 revealed it over a year before it would release, and they have only shown 2 crappy (IMO) trailers that haven’t represented the game in any way.
> We already got an extremely rough glimpse at Bungie’s new IP, in game, and we still haven’t even seen a pixel of H4 yet.
> Do you think we should have more info by now? It would certainly build more hype.

Bungie’s new IP wasn’t shown at all… where?! LINK!

I tend to think of it as, “343i hasn’t shown us any new footage in 2 months,” considering their last game came out in November (CEA). It would be unwise to hype H4 before CEA had even released.

I would say it’s actually the combination of lack of information, and fans wanting too much.
Not that announcing a year ahead is “too early”.
Sure, when you’re not going to get the marketing wheels turning fairly soon and keep pooping out information every once and a while it might seem as if a year ahead was too early.
But think about it: nearly every big game is announced a year in front of release. It’s just us fans wanting more than we get :wink:

Then again: on the other hand the way 343i is “hyping” H4 is quite good. Putting hints everywhere (terminals in CEA, Warthog in Forza 4, both Glasslands and Primordium), just a little bit too small ones to actually get good and fun discussions going.

I bet we see something during the Super Bowl, it is the biggest media event between now and E3. I just do not see 343 able to let Halo 4 go all the way till E3 2012 without some kind of trailer.(even if it is all cgi again.)