ANNIVERSARY System Link Troubles

I just tried to system link a copy of Halo CE Anniversary and a copy of halo reach with the map pack and was unable to play together, we were able to join each others lobby, but as we joined, it said that the joined player had failed to load content, are anniversary and reach able to system link together or only play online together? any solutions or comments would be appreciated.

Same problem here. I think one problem is that one XBOX/game/both is updated, with the other not being updated. My family does not use LIVE, so the XBOX is not updated, and the TU for Reach is also not there for that XBOX. I am going to update the XBOX later and see if that works.

We updated both xbox’s and both halo reach and anniversery and it still didn’t work, we were however both able to play together over xbox live which i thought was strange that we could play on xbl together and not system link :confused:

I’m actually having this same problem. I have Halo Anniversary and my brother purchased the map pack for his Halo Reach disc, but we are unable to play together over system link. If anyone knows what causes this and what the solution is, it would help a lot.

It’s strange because we were able to play a few games together and then later it came up with the “player failed to load content” message without any real reason for it. The display shows that the host owns the maps, and the other players who joined do not have the maps at all, which is incorrect.