Anniversary SKULL Discussion

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Well, for those who missed the Weekly Bulletin, 343 has announced the Skulls that will appear in Anniversary. Some new, some old. This thread is for discussion on the skulls. Be it what they will do, what levels will be harder/easier with which skulls, or anything else. Discuss it here.

(Skulls are colored as they appear in-game [Gold skulls are colored RED and Silver skulls are colored BLUE, “?” refer to probable returning skulls with new names which could instead be new skulls)

Returning Skulls
Black Eye
Shields do not recharge until you melee an enemy.

Weapons have less ammo in them.

Fog(?)(was called Cloud in reach)
No radar.

Grunt Birthday Party
Grunts explode with confetti when shot in the head.

If you die in single player, you restart from the beginning of the level. If one player dies in multiplayer, you restart from last checkpoint.

All enemies take more damage.

New Skulls
Grunt Funeral
Grunts explode like plasma grenades when killed. Only available to those who preorder Anniversary. Actual skull color unknown.

No current info…

No current info…

No current info…

No current info…

No current info…

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No current info…

Things To Know About Skulls
According to previous Halos, we can assume that GOLD skulls tend to go against the player, and SILVER skulls tend to simply change the game a bit without really changing base difficulty.


My Theories

Bandana: I’m guessing the “bandana” is a reference to Rambo, in that perhaps when activated, you take less damage?

Boom: Due to the absence of “Cowbell”, I am assuming this will take it’s place, providing bigger explosions.

Eyepatch: I’m assuming this skull will take the place of “Blind”. However, I believe that this version of “Blind” removes HUD, Radar, and everything EXCEPT crosshairs. that would explain an eyepatch, as it only leaves you “partially” blind.

Foreign: My guess is that this replaces all weapons with covenant weapons.

Pinata: I’m guessing this skull enables more weapons & grenades to drop from NPC’s, similar to candy spilling from a pinata.

Recession: I’m guessing this is similar to Famine… except perhaps even more hardcore. The picture is of a weapon with 1 bullet in the chamber. Perhaps all projectile weapons (leaving out energy-based weapons such as plasma rifles and pistols, etc) have only 1 bullet in them.

Malfunction: Hard to tell on this one. I’m guessing this skull allows for energy-based weapons (plasma rifles, plasma pistols, etc) to randomly overheat (malfunction).

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