anniversary playlists are terrible

the entire anniversary playlist section is pretty much horrible. every single game i play at least half of the players quit out, leaving those who don’t want to be a jerk and leave stuck in a black screen for 5 minutes EVERY SINGLE GAME. I literally have to have my ipad next to me when I play, so I have something to do while I wait for 5 minutes every game.

Also, everybody apparently is completely horrible at halo in these playlists. today is the first time i have even played halo for at least a month and a half and i haven’t had anything remotely close to a challenge, unless you count being on a team of randoms vs a full party that was terrible. I would say I am pretty decent at halo, better than your average player, but by no means a ‘pro’ or anything like that. my k/d in the anniversary playlists 2.18 and 2.07, i’m not being cocky, but i want a challenge. killing newbs is fun and all, but it gets a little old.

i don’t think there is any fix, i am just venting because i am ready to not play for another month or so after this experience.


How is this different than the regular Reach playlists?

> So…
> How is this different than the regular Reach playlists?

Yeah I agree, how is it different? Sure the Anniversary playlist has its bugs & cheaters. If you want a challenge go to the MLG playlist or set your search preference to “Skill” and it should give you high rank/skilled players. Also you go to remember, Halo Reach will always have bugs. Any game you play online has some sort of bug, but bugs can be fixed. Hackers, etc cannot. They have to be hunt down and executed from XBL :slight_smile:

Sorry your not enjoying the Anniversary playlist. I can agree with you that its not the best playlist and that it wasn’t made correctly, but in order for it to be made right it would either need a lot of code changing or a new server. Its still playable, we just have to suck it up and play until/if 343i fixes the issues.