Anniversary pistol and reach weapons.

The pistol from Halo CE is back in play under the anniversary playlist.
The problem is none of the other non power weapons are back. Example, Halo CE plasma rifle had a stun to it. I know the pistol was the most powerful regular weapon in Halo CE but the other weapons still worked. With out the other weapons being buffed a little i dont understand why 343 wasted time placing any weapons on the map aside from power weapons.

Before the other weapons were usable in certain situations. At least if you caught someone off guard you could still kill them. Right now if you have a pistol, your only troubles are Power weapons and other pistols.

I get that people other than me enjoy the anniversary playlist, but im just pointing out that it isnt an anniversary playlist. Its Halo Reach with remade maps and a 3 shot pistol. The Anniversary pistol isnt balanced with the reach weapons. You know how to modify the weapons. So fix them all for the playlist. All or nothing.

P.S. I would have been more pleased with nothing since you gave me a sample of how good Zero bloom is and then took it away.

It’s wicked easy to kill someone with a pistol and you not having one. I really have no complaints for the game.

PLEASE give me the names of the people you played because they had to have been horrible. People literally just have to look my way and spam and i fall before i get a shield warning. (and thats time frame not a IM TO DUMB TO NOTICE thing)