Anniversary Map Packs Playlists

Knowing what you know now who will buy a map pack? I wasn’t aware that when I bought the anniversary map pack that I would have a very, very, very, slim chance of playing them. I’ve seen a anniversary map one time since they changed things. I buy three every time maps or games come out to play with my two son’s. One of which is in the Army and lives out of state. I had pre purchased Halo 4 Limited Editions ($300)…mainly for the new game and “map packs”. Now that I know how things work I canceled the pre orders. I’m not buying something to “HOPE” for a slim “CHANCE” I get to play them. As you can tell I’m pretty pissed the way 343 has screwed me over, I spent $120 for the anniversary game just so I could play them with my son’s.

Also can someone tell me where I can go to complain, other than venting here?

The maps are still playable. There is a playlist called “Anniversary Classic.” Also, the maps are still accessible in Custom Games and the Forge mode. The Big Team and Free For All playlists were removed because they were wholly redundant, and not a lot of players are going to be buying the maps this late in Reach’s life.

Thanks for replying. I know that is there. There is only two choices in the one your talking about whereas I thought I bought more than just two maps. What happened to ones like Ridgeline or headlong?

I would still buy them, IMO new maps are worth it, too bad I can’t play them in MP, but I’ll still get them.

One of the reasons the maps are included in Halo 4’s limited edition is so there won’t be a problem like for Reach where not enough people bought the DLC. I recommend getting it.

I probably will get them but I want to make sure first I can play them when i want.

> I probably will get them but I want to make sure first I can play them when i want.

I’m assuming based off what 343i is doing that they’re gonna come up more often in Halo 4. A lot of people get the LE, and that’ll mean more players will have it.