Anniversary map pack broke my Custom Firefight.

It’s pretty funny actually. After downloading the new map pack, I tried to start a custom game on the new Firefight map to take a look at Installation 04 before going online, and I spawned as an Elite. I got a good long look. It still drops Covenant troops, not UNSC. So there’s no one to shoot, without getting a betrayal. Though I don’t actually get penalized cause the points system isn’t working. It loads Spartan lives, so I don’t lose lives when I die either. It does this on all firefight maps now. Unplayable. I haven’t tried doing anything to fix it yet because I wanted to play around with it a bit more first. Anyone else have this problem? Or am I just that lucky?

Are you on the blue team?

Have you tried changing your team color with the bumpers?

Looks like I was on blue team.

Same thing happened to me when I downloaded Defiant. Then I realized I was just on the wrong team :slight_smile:

Wow, I feel stupid. I didn’t know you could change sides to covenant by changing the team color like that. I was playing around with using different team colors while exploring the new competitive maps offline and I must have left it on blue when I moved to firefight. lol. Has that feature always been there? I’m an idiot.

I think it has always been there in Reach. Don’t worry, happens to the best of us sometimes.

Can you be on blue team while online?

I don’t really do Matchmaking Firefight. Perhaps someone else can tell you.

> Can you be on blue team while online?

No. You can only be red online. There used to be a playlist where you could switch sides called Firefight Versus but that was removed a long time ago.

Don’t worry, your not alone. I got surprised by this a while ago too, I spawned as an Elite and kept betraying the Covies. Then I saw I was blue team, so I switched and figured out how to become a Spartan again.

Red team=Spartans
blue team= Elites

Think of it that way.

Installation 04 is pretty sweet, huh?

Lol you were on blue team, its fun to betray the covenant