Anniversary forge speculation.

I was just listening to the Halo CEA pannel and the guy from certain affinity said “this time around we understood the effects system a little bit better than we did last time and we really went over the top with the effects on these (talking about the multiplayer maps) and some of them that you have not seen are pretty awesome”

At this point he was shushed by a member of 343 as he was saying too much.
link 30:40(time)

Personally I think that the effects are going to take the place of the fx effects, however i believe that these may be weather effects like dark, snowy (as seen in prisoner), sandstorm ect.

Just wondering what you guys make of this?

I was definitly hoping for Weather/ Time of day effects.

Bungie originally was going to add them but they said they didnt get to it in time.


343 will need to add weather effects to make a good impression. -.-

Why did nobody there ask if they were fixing the guass hog glitch??? >:frowning:

-Yoink!- people! They gave you one question each and you blew it!


gauss hog glitch?

> gauss hog glitch?