Anniversary Disk Multiplayer

I had rented Anniversary last week to just have a little fun and I loved how they added the Reach MP onto the disk. My Reach had broken a few weeks before so I loved being able to play with my buds again.

However, when my younger brother bought CEA today, I went onto the Multiplayer, and it only had the 6 anniversary maps, the time I rented it, the Anniversary disk had every single map and playlist from the original game?

What do?

Anniversary only allows you to play the 6 maps not the whole Reach MP. It is not possible to play any of the other maps on anniversary.

Everyday math is right. If you want to play Reach’s MP again, you’ll have to buy another copy of the game. But at least you’ll be able to play Reach’s MP and HCEA’s MP from the Reach disc once you download the Anniversary map pack.