Anniversary Achievements this weekend?

Ok. The only freakin Reach achievement that I still need is Emergency Room. I can get a total of 4 people together pretty much anytime this Saturday, or Sunday morning/afternoon. So, I’m looking for a minimum of 4 people who also need the Anniversary achievements that want to get together and knock them out. Or anybody who has the DLC and just wants to help out, 'cause y’all are cool like that :slight_smile:
In return, I am willing to help out with anything that anybody needs. Achievements, challenges, even campaign. On Legendary. With one hand tied behind my back…can you tell that I’m desperate here? :wink:
I really really wanna get this done before the Anniversary FFA playlist goes away, and the right map/gametype combo will be even harder to get.
Oh, and I’m GMT -5 (US Central Time) if that matters.
GT is Stinkybutt455