Anime + Halo Pics? I can do that!

Hello Halo fans, and this time anime fans. I would like to extend an offer to fans of both Halo and anime. I would like to make pictures using Halo’s theater mode to reference anime.
Here is how it works:

  1. Suggest an anime to me in the comments.
  2. If I have seen it, I will try to make a reference of it.
  3. If I have not seen it, I will look it up and see if I’m interested.
  4. Look up my file share to check for any references (pics, gametypes, maybe even a map.)

Remember, there are limits to Halo’s customization. So do not expect the impossible. Also, I don’t forge a pic, I just cosplay my Spartan in a recognizable scenario.

Oh! I almost forgot to add something:
I don’t know or have many people that could or would help me with large population pics. Also, my rank isn’t incredibly high. So please post if your willing to help make a larger pic. I’m sure some of you Haruhi Suzumiya would love to help.