Animation speed

Look 343i, your animations for the weapons and armor abilities are cool and all but for the love of god…SPEED THEM UP. I can’t even count how many times I’ve died because of my “Spartan” having to finish his melee animation (for example) to the very last pixel.

Let’s take the grav hammer for example…it is cool as heck how he winds it up slowly and then unleashes a shockwave. What’s not cool is that it takes so long that I have time to shoot and hit the person doing it resulting in killing eachother. And not only does it take long to hit once, but it also takes long to reset the animation before starting another hit.
If you want it like that thinking it would be too op if it’l like in Halo 3 then alright but then please let me use the melee button for a fast normal punch instead of a normal punch that still does the same long animation.
(Also what on earth is that hammer vs sword interaction? It feels janky as hell. Just let the sword win instead of killing both even tho the hammer animation isnt even remotely trough. It’s never been a problem before)

Same goes for hijacking vehicles. It feels like it takes so long to do the hijack anomation that my Spartan might as well have a talk with the pilot first, or hell even start dancing before kicking the driver off.

This definetly still has a lot of the movement features from Halo 5 so why are you trying to make the movement faster but slow down the animations for everything?

I might be the only one but imo the animations for weapons (NOT including reload and cooling), hijacking and abilities (like the shield that needs to fully touch the ground first before deplyoing not being much of a help in most situations I’ve been) should be sped up a bit to match the rest of the faster pace combat.