Angry with today's changes

Alright, let me just start with that I am incredibly angry right now, but I’m going to try and keep this civil for the sake of conversation. First things first:

No, I am not angry with them adding a 50xp challenge for each completed game. I disagree with it, and believe 100xp would be more appropriate. 20 games for a single rank is absurd.

No, I am not angry with them fixing the glitched challenges. This was actually done faster than I expected. Nicely done.

No, I am not angry with them giving the Sigil visor color away. It diminishes all the work I put into getting it, but it’s not worth getting angry about.

What I AM angry about is them resetting all the challenges WITHOUT WARNING! That’s the key detail here. There was absolutely no warning that they were going to do this and it completely screwed me over. For context, I was only a few games short on the captone challenge last night. I figured I might as well wait for tomorrow and complete it along side some refreshed daily challenges, but it seems I’m not allowed to use logical reasoning and so now I have been punished.

It was crazy just getting that far! I’m sure everyone has already heard how absurd the challenges are, but despite that I got through them.
-Get a bulltrue? Got it!
-Destroy a air vehicle with another air vehicle? Got it!
-Destroy a vehicle with the choppers wheels? Got it!
-Dive to the bottom of the ocean without a suit and while singing the Halo theme? Got it!
I even had to use two of my challenge swaps because some of the challenges it gave be were even worse. Those challenge swaps have now been wasted and I’m never going to get them back.

The whole reason I went through so much hell in the first place was because I was determined to get the achievement. Once I got that I would never bother with it again, because who wants to suffer through the challenge system week after week? Instead, I received a smack across the face from 343 moments before crossing the finish line. This is insulting and it could have been avoided entirely if they had just given some warning beforehand. Seriously, just 24 hours would have been enough or just wait until the weekly reset. Who thought this was a good idea?

Do not make arbitrary decisions that affect your playerbase without warning.