Angels Of Death-A group of friends and a clan

I am from the clan “Angels of Death” We joke about and play for fun. Winning is the aim, but doing it as a team is a must. We are currently recruiting. We have members from various countries such as Portugal, Ireland, England, Australia, Wales, America and Scotland. As well as this we are not just grounded to one game, we play multiple games and genres. Must be over 1.4kd (message me and maybe we can sort something out if you are a bit lower than that). There are two parts of our group looking for people. There is the clan as a whole which plays custom games, BTB, Team slayer and the more mainstream playlists. Then there is me and my doubles partner who are looking for very competitive players. All players must try to stay calm =). We are not forcing you to join our clan, you can just party up with us. Who knows, maybe you will grow to like us! Message me on live! =D My name is Ben.

Requirements summarised:
Must be 1.4kd
Must be mature
Try your best to get on everyone (people do have their differences but just try!)
While being competitive must have room to be casual.

Other details:
I can help with tips for combat.
Of course we are gearing up for Halo 4!
We will hopefully be making and MLG team out of our best players for Halo 4.