Anders Build 3v3?

Could someone please give me a good build step by step for Anders to get Hawks and another build to get Tanks/Gremlins/Spartans?

I appreciate it! Thank you!

depends on the map/ leaders you are playing against. Ill just do fort dean/ tanks. and you aren’t getting rushed or have to play defense. IMO you go reactor 3rd and build 3 or 4 hogs to destroy a rebel base base RIGHT AWAY! attack the base where you aren’t getting hit by a turret. Continue to build up with supply pads/ Anders if you can get her economy going great early can significantly help you achieve tanks. tech 3 and your vd should be built at the same time. (one on main one on expo) By the time you get half way upgrade on canny you should build/upgrade your 4th reactor and upgrade pt. down tech after you upgrade and build another vd and double pump pt tanks. Im not the greatest at 3v3 mostly a 2s player but this should help some sort. main supply> supply> reactor > upgrade supply pad> supply pad> at this point you should be attacking the rebel base. Just use your money smart, and you do not have to upgrade all of your pads. but you do want to upgrade some. hope this helped :slight_smile:

Alright I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

To be honest, getting Hawks up isn’t a goal that you should have before a match starts. Hawks take a LOT of time and money, and if you’re focused too hard on getting them you’ll probably die way before the Hawks come out.

I usually do something similar to what Schmucky said, trying to get up 2 bases, 3 reactors, and a Vehicle Depot as early as my opponents let me.

I usually make 5-10 Warthogs though and try to keep the enemy under pressure while my teammates open bases for me, all the while working on my macro and getting those Canny Tanks, Gremlins, etc as early as I can. Putting pressure on the enemy is a much safer way to get the army you want IMO.

Same goes for Hawks. Hawks are generally a mid- to late-game unit, and you get them up reliably by being active enough before the Hawks get there so your opponent has no choice but to allow you to research them. When I’m doing well enough I always try to get those Hawks researched along with Reserves so that I can tech switch to Hawks out of nowhere and crush anyone who tries to “counter” my vehicle-based army with too many things that can’t shoot up.

The key to it all is keeping your units alive so you can spend money on teching up instead of having to replace your army. Use hit and run tactics and never get your units killed if you don’t have to. As the game goes on, Warthogs will naturally start to die and you can replace them with better units, but don’t kill your Warthogs purposely, especially not early on.

Thanks for all the help! I won so many games tonight :smiley: