And you guys act like 343i doesn't listen

According to the bulletin, 343 is continuing to improve the systems. Here is a list from this week.

• Fixed scripting issues in Regicide
• Fixed exploit locations on Solace
• Fixed KotH on Complex
• Fixed Mantis spawn timer on Meltdown
• Made late joining improvements to Join in Progress in all game types
• Reduced the window for Join in Progress in Slayer game types
• Made improvements to Join in Progress for uneven starts

Of course people will claim that JIP is still horrible. Oh well. I appreciate what 343 does everyweek. A great game, keeps getting better.

It seems to me that 343 are releasing smaller updates every week to tackle the bigger problem. If they released a single massive update in one go then the game would change way to dramatically for everyone to get adapted quick enough. Doing smaller changes every week is probably the better move since it will gradually introduce change.

OT: I’m happy 343 did something about JiP. TU’s and Patches can’t be made in one week. They will take a LOT of time to create. I’m actually surprised they managed to improve such a system in 3 weeks. Kinda impressive, wouldn’t you say?

all i see is a lot of ambiguous reductions and minor improvements to things we either didn’t want or shouldn’t have had broken in the first place

then of course they turn comments off to prevent the community from rearing its head and pointing out the fact that these small updates hardly make up for the overall shoddiness of the mp and of course to avoid another fiasco where anyone points out the idiocy of the update like the csr one

tl;dr: shouldn’t have been broken and the new maps blow

If someone tells you that their car’s engine is broken, you don’t fix the tail lights.

> If someone tells you that their car’s engine is broken, you don’t fix the tail lights.

People have been moaning about JiP… Now they fix it (To an extent) people still complain.
Poor 343.

Fixing JIP is a start. But a lot of us want to know about custom game options, broken Forge elements, classic CTF, and fixing gameplay issues.

At the very least they can say “We are investigating various community-raised issues”.

I think its a shame that 343i would openly criticise vanilla Reach and now they are in control they stay quiet just like Bungie did.

> If someone tells you that their car’s engine is broken, you don’t fix the tail lights.

True, but if the wires and the circuit breakers are bad, then it wouldn’t matter if you fixed the light. Perhaps you should learn about programming. :=(

Really? Those are a few matchmaking tweaks. Where’s the DMR and Boltshot nerf? What about adding a classic playlist? What about doing SOMETHING about the lack of custom game options?

343 isn’t doing anything. It seems like they’re turning into Bungie…

343 works on fixing their game. That is not surprising.
They most definitely listen to the community and take action to improve the multiplayer experience while following a schedule.

343i are listening but working in the dark which is fine by me.

> People have been moaning about JiP… Now they fix it (To an extent) people still complain.
> Poor 343.

It would have been nice if they had first acknowledged the problems, and then proposed their solution. There’s also the fact that the Join in Progress issue was only one of many, and the even more problematic fact that the game shouldn’t have been released at all with so many shortcomings.

343 could fix every single problem with the game over the coming weeks and they still wouldn’t have done a good job simply because they:

a) released a game that was not polished; and
b) failed to communicate with their fans

I realise that that’s a hardline view to take, but it’s one that I now hold very strongly.

I think with the pile of complaints on Halo 4, must of made 343i really embarrassed. For that matter, i think their reputation on taking over the halo franchise, just went down the drain.

JiP wasnt even close to one of the bigger problems though. Glad they finally fixed SOMETHING in 4 weeks i guess. Even if it as useless and minuscule as JiP. Better than nothin as usual. right? Guess thats the service multi millions of dollars generates. thanks 343.

JiP getting fixed is a good thing, but those issues should of been taken care of before the game was released, not to mention the custom game options being completely unacceptable. come out with a title update, the sooner it comes out the sooner people can adapt. it coming out a week at a time is NOT going to bring the community back.

also take this to note:
its not casual players that determine the longevity of a game, its the competitive players. so…who are you trying to appeal to 343? and if it is casual players do you really think that is in YOUR best interest as a company? you would be a fool to not want the game to last a long time like halo2 (even tho its my least fav) and halo 3. listen to the people getting paid to play, not scrubs. the ones getting paid are the ones that will keep playing and attract those players as well. didnt 343i say they wanted halo4 to be a esport? ive herd rumors but nothing to confirm it, with the game the way it is now id say no. and im not talking about loadouts; thats a great change, im talking about wep despawns and instant respawns, why change that? and why is snipers in a rotational playlist? really?
also why is it pro snipers/ snipers hybrid? either give us a pistol or take off the radar lulz. ill be playin blackops 2 since right now its more fun for me until these issues get fixed. bring bungie back.

> True, but if the wires and the circuit breakers are bad, then it wouldn’t matter if you fixed the light. Perhaps you should learn about programming. :=(

I have no idea what you mean by this. I used an unrelated analogy to make a point. What does that have to do with programming?

The majority of us aren’t asking for an update right now that would fix all the world’s problems.

All we want is acknowledgement. 90% of us would be happy to hear “By the way, we’ve seen several complaints about some major issues on the forums, and don’t think we’ve forgotten about all of you” at the end of the bulletin. I don’t even need an answer on what they will do. They have given no indication that they have heard us.

For a company that worked in this game for 3 years, they have seemed to:

  • Miss a huge glitch on complex (and in 3 years they didnt see that)

  • Copy paste Spartan Ops (3 years huh?)

  • Fileshares not working

  • Bad matchmaking (thats what a beta is for)

I’ve definitely noticed an improvement when it comes to Join in Progress. I haven’t been put in a game where it’s been a blowout in past 2 or 3 days.

realy hardly anyone willing to admit and say yeah good job 343i?

yes there are more problems ye to be fixed but they are fixing them and to be honest if i was in 343i i wouldnt even wanna fix the main issues with a community like this

they fix a universaly bad thing jip and hardly anyone wants to thank them???

are most people on these forums seriously the sort of people who when given £5 go “tight *** wouldnt even give me a £20”

if 343i nerf the DMR i can see it now forums flooded with complaints
“the DMR is useless”
“way to go nerf my fav weapon”
“way to ruin the fun out of halo 4 343i”

no matter what they do people are gonna just whine and complain

and yes the forums are here to criticise but theres a difference between whining and criticising
whining = this is broken 343 is ruining halo…etc
criticising = this aspected is unbalencing the game because of X, Y & Z i think if they tweak it like this… it would balence it

but a rarely see anyone give suggestions other than “take it out of the game”

i know there of those who do criticise properly its just a shame they are the minority

> Please note that the map fixes only affect playlists and not on-disc custom game map variants. Also know we’re continuing to keep an eye on our forums for exploits and glitches, so please keep reporting them, and we’ll keep fixing them.

it’s so easy to play a game. But did you ever wonder what it takes but to make one, thats a different story.