And so all good things must come to an end...

Like so many of you I was looking forward to Halo 4 with such high hopes of it coming back to the classic series that I fell in love with all those years ago, I won’t bore you with “been playing halo since CE” story, in short, I’m a long term fan.

But I think this is a part of my life where I say goodbye to the gaming series that made me want to make games, the series that allowed me to have LAN parties with tons of my mates and to be honest i have some of the best memories of my teenage years with the HALO series. If I’m going to be honest, halo is the gaming series that got me seriously into being interested in the series.

But then it happened…

For me Halo 4 was the game that everything was riding on, not just the series, but the next Xbox as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game…actually no it’s not. It had SO much potential to be a great game, it has a great campaign, the multiplayer is…meh but what made me not really interested is the fact that this game feels like a filler.

I don’t have a gripe with features in the game, I don’t have a issue with what’s in it. My biggest issues are with the blatant fact that the features missing in this game will be added in HALO 5 as ‘classic features’ and being used as a selling point. Features that were in the past games shouldn’t be cut out just to be added to make the next game appeal more. This game just feels like its incomplete and that its only around to sustain our interest for a little while like all these other annual games now. The reason I played halo 2 until 3 was because it kept my interest the whole time, the reason I played 3 till reach was because it was so fun, hell even reach in my eyes appealed more that this, even if it did have god awful maps. But 4 just isn’t holding me anymore. Personally I’ve never been a fan of xp and loadouts you shouldn’t give one guy the ‘god gun’ and another a pea shooter, I learnt that from the original trilogy.

I really loath where halo is going now, for me it was all about the simple killing and everyone starting off with the same gear. With 4 trying to make it appeal to a different market now though, and it seeming to be a annual thing (come on guys, all the signs are pointing to it) I think it’s time to sign off and leave the series that made me appreciate a good classic sci-fi universe. Who knows, I may come back to the series when it’s finally realised what it wants to be, but as of right now, it’s so confused about who to appeal to that its just a cluster-fudge of stupid features that have been forcefully put into it.

This isn’t a final goodbye, more of a prolonged brb.

Hopefully you still don’t consider yourself a fan. I love every Halo game down to every last detail, and I am confident it will stay that way.