And another 3 sv 4

Hello guys and 343i

I played another 3 vs 4 in ranked. Without leaver or something. Just another bug in your game.
It is frustrating, what have you done in the last 6 years? I do not remember a broken Halo like this and i play since day 1 on the xbox.

Please fix.


How do you know it was a bug and not just a quitter?

It’s a problem that has long plagued video gaming. How have you played Halo since day 1 and not run into this very same issue?

It sucks… well. People suck.

In regards to rank I would like to see;

  1. The option for the “leaver” to rejoin.
  2. Minimal rank up/down for the remaining players.
  3. Some sort of game balancing to at least make the game interesting for those who are left.

This is what I find frustrating, you get one leaver and the other team begins to trash the remaining people, especially in objectives. Then you get hit with a bad rating downgrade.


I think i know it, because there was never a fourth name on the scoreboard in my team.
Could be there was someone who lost connection before the game even started.

Problem there is then you setup a system where if you were 4v4 and getting thrashed, someone just has to leave the match to soften the rank penalty. Maybe something that only applies if the handicap was present for the majority of the match?

One thing they could do is take the percentage of the game where the teams were even and multiple that by the amount they’d rank up or down. So if you started the game uneven rank wouldn’t be impacted, but if someone quit last minute it’d have almost no impact.

If you wanted you could put a cap on the winning team, so maybe they always get at least 50% of what they’d have ranked up. Or maybe make it so this system only applies to the team who loses. So the winning team would still get 100% of their rank up.

I don’t have perfect solution, but I think we can all agree it sucks losing a 3v4 (or worse 2v4/1v4) and going down the same amount as if you lost a 4v4.

They could do it like in overwatch.
When the game starts with an uneven numbers pf players, it finishes imidatly.
If there is a leaver in the first minute, he gets a 10 minute ban and game finshes too.

This is why I recommend forming parties before queuing up for matches. You’ll have to deal with this situation a heck of a lot less when you know you have reliable teammates.

This is the typical experience of 343 halo.
At first I was angry, but now I’m getting used to it.
They talk about e-sports all the time, but the loopholes in the ranking are endless, not limited to dropping the line , malicious team and 3v4 and rampant cheating.
We can only take it or leave.
From Ske7ch’s release, they are not in a hurry at all. They just tell us that they have finished their holidays and started to work,basically, they didn’t solve anything.
So I think I’m going to have enough of this game soon.
Now this experience is really not as good as playing MCC or other games.

The difference between quitters and straight into the game on 3v4 is very clear, and now it’s both the latter and more people dropping out.

They can learn directly from what apex does.
When a player drops or quits, the ranking will not be deducted.
Forbid teams of players with too high a ranking gap.
But they didn’t even mention it, only BTB and the anti-cheating system that will come one day,It doesn’t take much work.
They just keep letting the rank go bad.

It pretty much doesn’t. Or at least isn’t supposed to. And anecdotally I really don’t recall losing much, if any, rank as the squad of 3.

Winning 3 v 4 can be satisfying though.

“A player on your team has disconnected. Rank loss mitigated”

I mean apex does it, and halo could easily do it, but obviously 343 doesn’t do anything.
I don’t remember how many 3v4 wins I’ve had, maybe two or three? Most of the time it makes me mad.

Damn, i had around 10 i guess. Out of 50 games.

Agreed, but here are my adjustments.

  1. Rejoin feature for players who DC/Disconnect with innability to join another game until that game has finished.
  2. Players who remain lose little to no rank, and full rank loss for all players goes to the player who quit/didnt reconnect back
  3. List ban timers, with warnings for next offense with penatly information. Ban offenses stay for a month (meaning if you leave a game, and dont reconnect, it continues until the end of the month before resetting to zero leaves)

Not sure what you mean by game balancing, but doubt anything would make sense that wouldnt be exploited.

You know what’s even better? Playing a 3v4 - but you searched with 4 and the game messed up and put one of your friends on the other team. In ranked crossplay LOL. Good job 343.

In many things it remembers on the MCC 7 years ago xD
Not that broken, but broken.